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The mental health of legal professionals is a growing concern. The statistics don’t lie. I have watched some of my colleagues struggled with mental health issues, and have struggled myself as a result of the work I undertook as a lawyer. I believe my mental well-being is worse as a result of my chosen career in law. I have had some fun though, representing the murder accused to negotiating weekend access to Rusty the family dog in a lengthy family law dispute.

I think it is important for professionals like me who have struggled with those issues to tell their personal stories to enable our colleagues and future legal stars that they are not alone and prosper. 

The level of conversation and personal investment in mental health and culture in the law needs to increase. Better outcomes for those affected are essential. So broadening peer support within a community platform is my way to assist in preventing health problems to my colleagues and friends. 

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Of Lawyers Have Experienced Anxiety In The Workplace


Of Lawyers Seek Help For Mental Health Issues


Lawyers Have Had Work Induced Depression, or Know Someone Who Has

Craig, 6 Minute Increments Creator

So more about me?  Craig Lynch, lawyer, business owner, blogger and someone who has spent many years working under the tyranny of the billable hour. I am a father of 3 great children and husband to Melissa. My family means more to me than anything else in life. 

There was a time in my working life as a lawyer where I spent more hours in the office during the week than time with my family. The work was addictive and precious time with the family neglected. It was around this time where I really started to struggle. The compounding stress from the never-ending workday was damaging (not in the pocket), but was hurting relationships, my health and overall happiness. It motivated me to make changes, which has led to improvements in all areas of my life. 

I now attempt to spend more time with my family and provide my children with the greatest of experiences, travel, education, dance classes for my girls (money killer), and hugs. I also used my law degree and work experience to move into other fields building my knowledge and experience. 

I found that looking at what is most important, setting goals and formulating steps to achieve these, has brought me a degree of success and happiness. It has changed my outlook on life and possibilities, and given me the insight and skills to continue to enjoy life on all fronts. When identifying goals, don’t follow the crowd. Be courageous and follow what you want, and not what other people want.

 What some people may think is the right thing may be the wrong thing for another person. It’s a matter of perception. Sometimes letting go and trying something new, different and unaccepted by the majority or the mainstream is the key to happiness in life. 

 COVID will challenge those making the switch but don’t let that stop you. Surround yourself with a support network – 6 Minute Increments. 

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