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Your host is a strong advocate for change in individuals and organisations. For most people change will at some point be necessary, a critical step toward fulfilling their potential and achieving their goals, both at work and at home. They will need support with this process. They’ll need a coach. 

Craig provides one-on-one confidential Coaching (life and career, business, APS employment, and leadership), Team Workshops with focus on improving process and culture in the organisation, 1 on 1 Performance Management, and seminars on Mental Health Awareness.  

Craig has experience as a HR consultant, university educator, government (local and Federal), as well being an experienced business advisor and Board representative. Craig has an in depth understanding of how to operationalise people’s goals, elicit insight and support the development of individuals and teams. 

Some people are naturally resistant to change with most preferring to stay on a steady and predictable course. Change can be hard, but a change in process, culture, and lifestyle has significant benefits for individuals and organisations. 

Are you facing a career transition? Are you feeling unsure of your best next steps?

A career transition coaching session will help you to confidently take the next step. Whether you’re making a complete career change propelled by the Covid-19 pandemic or bravely pivoting to something completely new that just feels right, career transition coaching service will prepare you to take the leap with confidence.


1 on 1 Coaching – $275 (incl GST) per session (1 Hour)


Coaching sessions can be held regularly on a fortnightly or monthly basis – usually for one hour per session. Sessions can be conducted via ZOOM or face to face.



Performance Management

Supportive performance management that focuses on solutions and employee success can contribute to the employee’s well-being and performance. Craig will conduct regular discussions throughout the 3 month performance cycle which includes such things as coaching, mentoring, feedback and assessment.

Performance Management (1 on 1)  –  3 Month Cycle Package 6 x (1 Hour) sessions $1,500 (incl GST)

Empower agile team performance with face to face Team Workshops 

–     $660 (incl GST) per session (1 ½ Hours)


 This face to face seminar enhances awareness of mental health and educates employees and employers on the impact to their own well-being, workplace and careers. The seminar can help in lowering employee turnover and absenteeism, and assist in reduction of stress levels and mental health related compensation claims.

Mental Health Awareness Seminar – $660 (incl GST) per session (1 ½ Hours)



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