When It Rains, It Pours. Or Does It?

by | Dec 17, 2020 | Mental Health

Last weekend, we had a lot of rain and strong winds and lost our tv antenna that was fixed to the roof. I love my tv and the antenna man don’t work on weekends. So, we decided to go for drive into town, hit a pothole causing significant damage to my car’s front end. Got the car home and noticed the kids left the back gate open and the dogs were nowhere to be seen. What’s bad next? When it rains it pours….

The team at A Conscious Rethink talk about how the mind has a propensity to pay attention to and remember the bad, while overlooking or forgetting the good.

So when an issue pops up in your life, you immediately store the experience. What’s more, by this point the alarm bells are ringing in the amygdala – the main part of your brain responsible for assessing what’s good and what’s bad – and you start to focus your attention on every little thing that’s going wrong at that time.

This makes it even easier to overlook the positive events in your life. And even when you do stop and appreciate something good that is happening, compared with the bad, you have to keep your focus on it for much longer before it becomes a strong and permanent fixture in your memory.

So, no, it doesn’t always pour when it rains; sometimes it just rains. And sometimes it can rain and shine at the same time and create a rainbow – only, you probably wouldn’t see it because you’d be too busy feeling aggrieved by the rain.

You got that right!